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HPN’s Bar and Restaurant Supplies for the Perfect Pour

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There are few things more refreshing than an ice cold beer on a balmy night in South Florida, and Hospitality Purchasing, LLC provides bar and restaurant supplies for the perfect pour every time.

Like wine, beer tastes best when it is served in the proper glass. Give your customers the most refreshing drink possible by serving up your brews in the right glass from Hospitality Purchasing, LLC.

Tasting Glasses

Ideal for restaurants and microbreweries with a large selection of beers on tap, tasting glasses let your guests sample different brews before buying a whole pitcher.

Mixing Glasses

One of the most popular bar glasses, mixing glasses are perfect for lagers and porters. Often called “pint glasses,” they feature a thick base and gently sloping sides that make stacking and gripping easy.

Nonic Glasses

The slight bulge at the top of these ale and stout glasses facilitates better aeration and an improved grip, and their ridges make for easy stacking and storage.

Pilsner Glasses

Slender and tall, these glasses are ideal for light beers and pilsners because the shape shows off light-colored beers’ sparkling qualities while maintaining the head.

The way beer gets into these glasses is also important, and Hospitality Purchasing, LLC’s bar and restaurant supplies inventory includes a huge variety of quality pourers. A great pourer lets you make drinks faster, which means you make more money, and they also eliminate waste from over-pours and remade drinks.

We carry a full line of Spill-Stop pourers that allow controlled pours at great flow rates. Our Spill-Stop plastic pourers are made of a flexible, soft material that will last indefinitely with proper care, and we also carry chrome and hard plastic models available in a variety of colors.

Our friendly customer service team is on hand to help you find the bar and restaurant supplies you need to serve the perfect beer every time. To learn more, contact us today at 954.989.9608!



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